Team Fortress 2 Updated

Team Fortress 2 UpdatedTeam Fortress 2 fans can now celebrate as The Engineer character class has been given an update for Valve's multiplayer shooter, which is now live by means of Steam for its owners.

The Team Fortress 2 web site has as well been given updates with the final items that are a division of the update. One of them is the Gunslinger, which is a replacement of the Engineer's wrench.

It is essentially a steel glove that increases health by 25 points and as well gets a critical hit, when a player gives three blows with it on a foe.

The Gunslinger can also produce the other new item, the Combat Mini-Sentry. This slighter edition of the main Sentry takes four times less time to construct, but contracts half a normal Sentry's damage and cannot be refurbished or upgraded.

In addition to that, another new Payload gameplay mode map, Thunder Mountain, has been added to the blend and a new society made Capture Point map, ColdFront, is incorporated in the update.

Amongst the highlights is a Combat Mini-Sentry, which generates 4 times as fast as a usual Sentry. In order to construct and deploy these mini killing mechanisms, players are needed to equip the Gunslinger, which is a mechanical arm attachment that replaces the Engineer's faithful wrench.