Obesity leads to inactivity

ObesityIt has been stated that the popular belief about inactivity leads to obesity in kids has been challenged by researchers.

These researchers who conducted a study of children in Plymouth stated that it was actually obesity that leads to inactivity. The study states that for losing pounds it was more important to focus on food than exercise.

There have been debates in the scientific communities about what causes obesity, is it a poor diet or less of physical activity.

The researches stated that kids indulged in less physical activity because they were heavy and obese. It was also stated that kids became obese not because they watched TV and played more video games but because they sustained on junk food and overfed themselves at an early age.

These guidelines can serve as an apt base for the government policies that are meant for increasing childhood levels of exercise and education about healthy eating.

One of the authors, Prof Terence Wilkin, professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Peninsula, said, "The implications for strategies designed to prevent obesity are profound, as the data very clearly point to overnutrition. Children may tolerate more activity if they shed weight, but more activity does not lead to weight loss.”