Picky eating in adults under consideration

picky-eatingThe first national registry of picky eating in adults was launched by Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh last week. Picky eating is now being considered as it is a condition which affects many and can be officially recognized as an eating disorder.

But people who do not like eating something and who cant eat it at all are different.

Marsha Marcus, chief of the Center for Overcoming Problem Eating at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, said, "It has to affect your health or well being. It's not just an embarrassing thing that people talk about at cocktail parties."

Dr. Marcus says that there are cases of food restrictions that are so harsh that a person has to survive on feeding tubes.

The Food F.A.D. or Finicky Eating in Adults Study that was mentioned last week has already drawn about 1,000 respondents.

People who want to be a part of this a survey should suffer from an eating disorder and more than 18 years of age.

Nancy Zucker, director of the Duke Center for Eating Disorders, said, "If you think about it developmentally, it makes sense that when kids are just learning how to walk, and get more mobile, that they should get more scared about putting things in their mouth."