Swine Flu in Delhi claimed two more lifes taking India’s toll 19

Swine-Flu-virusIn India, this season the death toll from the Swine Flu virus has gone up to 19 as two more lifes were claimed by it in New Delhi. India is planning to come up with the first local swine flu vaccine.

The last death from Swine Flu has been recorded in the Ram Manohar Lohiya (RML) Hospital located in Delhi. A male resident of Karolbagh 60-years of age got infected with H1N1 during his trip of Kolkata. He succumbed to the viral disease.

.Five states of India have reported that Swine flu situation is grave in the respective states. 330 cases of Swine Flu from all over India has been reported in the past one week, seven positive cases were reported from Delhi alone.  

The ministry of health of both Maharashtra and Kerala has reported eight deaths each while the Andhra Pradesh Health Ministry reported one death.

So far the cases of Swine Flu affected persons are most in Kerala, the number reaching 178. Maharashtra is second in the list with 91 cases; Karnataka has 19 H1N1 cases, while Andhra Pradesh has 18, and Tamil Nadu has 13 H1N1 cases.

Delhi supposedly can claim it is free from the danger of swine flu-free, but monsoon can lead the city into trouble.

For the first time in this week West Bengal has reported of seven cases. The eastern part of the country has also reported about the infection.  

The numbers of people getting infected has come down from the previous week which was in the tune of 370.

Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, in the last week said that very soon India will come up with its second vaccine to combat swine flu that has broken out once more. In the last one year the disease seemed to have affected as many as 15,000people or even more.