‘Country spends more than needed on treatments’

‘Country spends more than needed on treatments’ Obama recently stated that doctors resort to expensive means even if there are some cheaper means to treat something.

To which surgeons have cried foul and have stated that this was not true. Despite this the president states that the country is spending too much on overly intense treatments.

Conservatives feel that making people responsible for their own health spending would be one way for them to decide what is best for them and worth the price.

Another solution provided by health advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's budget chief Peter Orszag, and the new Medicare administrator Donald Berwick, is that comparative effectiveness should be studied. This includes the effectiveness of different treatment options.

Health reforms would just be exposed to broader parameters by the new law. How the law is implemented on ground depends upon few people like Berwick or Emanuel.

But such studies are good only in theory as drug companies are in no way interested in ‘head to head’ trials as they fear that their product might be shown to be deficient.