75 per cent with HIV/AIDS over age 40 in NY

75 per cent with HIV/AIDS over age 40 in NYCity health officials stated that in New York, the percentage of HIV positive people who were 40 years and more in age was about 75 per cent and those who are 50 years and more and are suffering from the infection are about one-third.

Young adults though still take as the way one gets infected is more exercised by younger lot.

The number of HIV-positive New Yorkers age 50 and older has been growing because people with the virus are living longer.

Dr Thomas Farley, the health commissioner of New York City, said, "Older New Yorkers, like all New Yorkers, are at risk for HIV if they have unprotected sex or inject drugs. Healthcare providers should counsel all patients, not just younger ones, about HIV prevention, and testing should be part of routine healthcare."

In New York, before an HIV infection takes the form of AIDS, about 87 per cent of people are diagnosed. But when it comes to older adults, about 38 per cent of people However, older adults are often diagnosed later -- 38 percent already have AIDS at are already suffering from AIDS when they are diagnosed.

Seeing the growing AIDS menace in the US, president Obama has initiated a new strategy that would try to bring down HIV infection by spreading more awareness, greater access to quality health care, and by putting a stop at discrimination that often arises within the Healthcare and public communities.