Key Proclaims Tourism’s Integration in MED

Key Proclaims Tourism’s Integration in MEDA new analysis report presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism New Zealand, under the scrutiny of Prime Minister John Key, has said that the two regulatory bodies should be kept independent of each other.

The PM today said that Ministry of Tourism will be made a part of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED).

The analysis report said that keeping the organizations separate and observing their joint efforts will yield better results than the integration of the two.

"The same approach is taken to other portfolios at the centre of New Zealand's economy such as Commerce, Energy, and Communications", Key said.

The review said that the two shall be allowed to work jointly on certain portfolios including research, policy and monitoring.

However, the PM said that tourism shall be endured as an important constituent of the Economic Ministry.

This move is indicative of the fact that Government is considering the tourism industry in its economic ventures.

The officials agreed that the industry brings in sufficient incomes and boost to the economy.

The final steps will be taken by the Chief Executive of MED, who is accountable for any kinds of changes and improvements in the sector.