People Do Not Cover Up While Sneezing

People Do Not Cover Up While SneezingVery few people properly cover their mouths while sneezing and this can lead to an infection that can spread among other people, as well. This has also been confirmed in a study undertaken by Nick Wilson of Otago University in Wellington. The main purpose of this study was to analyze respiratory behavior in people.

Health experts have been encouraging people to adopt better standards of hygiene since the beginning of H1N1 infection (swine flu) in 2009. They stress that it can help a lot of people in saving themselves from this infection and other harmful diseases. People are told to cover their mouths properly when they sneeze so as to avoid spreading germs while sneezing.

The study was conducted in 3 public areas in Wellington. It was found that almost 27% of the people did not cover their mouths while sneezing and only 4.7% covered themselves properly. Most of people were found to be covering their faces with hands that allowed the bacteria to spread.

Health experts feel that people need to be made more aware about the harms of not covering their faces properly while sneezing as many people do not realize that it is very important to cover their faces properly.

If people cover their faces in the right manner, it can help in the prevention of various diseases and infections.