GST-Off Food Bill Wouldn’t Be Effective: Taxpayers

GST-Off Food Bill Wouldn’t Be Effective: TaxpayersJohn Shewan, Chairman of Price Waterhouse Coopers has said that it cannot be confirmed that GST-off food will induce people to opt for healthier food.

It is known that a Maori party bill has proposed GST free fruit, lean meat, bread and vegetables.

He has also said that there are no such incidents, which have shown that Americans and Australians are healthier, as compared to people in New Zealand. People in America and Australia do not have GST on their food.

A 15% increase in GST is to be implemented from October 1 and in that case the Maori bill is something of great significance. At present, people are paying 12.5% as GST on their food.

The data has revealed that in New Zealand, 8,000 deaths in a year are caused because of the poor nutrition and these deaths can be saved if proper diet is planned. The health system has to spend nearly $900 million for the obesity and diabetes problems.

The followers of the bill have said that this bill will bring the health policy at the equal level with those policies of Australia. The bill proposer Mrs. Rahui has also said that poor people who cannot eat these fresh products like meat and fruits since they are costly, they choose fast food. GST- off on these products will encourage them at eating the fresh products.