Shriners Hospital to Move to Montreal

Shriners Hospital to Move to MontrealAs part of a $ 1.1-billion Mc-Gill University Health Centre project, Shriners Hospitals for Children will be moving to a new location. The new hospital will be almost two times bigger than the current facility.

Shriners have been waiting for this move since 1999. The move will help Shriners' orthopedic and Montreal Children's Hospital to work together. Both of these facilities will be functioning from the Glen Yard location in the future.

A lot of factors ensured that the move to the new location has been delayed and it also included political reasons. The hospital also threatened to construct their new building in the year 2005 at London, Ontario.

The hospital authorities were persuaded by the Government to remain at their present location in the year 2005. They were once again encouraged to move to London in the next year but the authorities decided collectively to move to Montreal.

Shriners will need almost $23 million in financing from the members of the community and the total cost of the project will be almost $100-million. The hospital authorities are stressing that they will be using the latest technology and ensure that the new hospital will be one of the best medical facilities.

Health experts also note that the new facility will be able to help a lot of patients and also provide a lot of benefit to the patients.