Health Expo to Tell About Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Health Expo to Tell About Benefits of Medical MarijuanaHealth experts are confident that a lot of people will come to the International Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto and people will also get a chance to know about the medical benefits of marijuana. They feel that people will get a chance to learn about the advantages of marijuana as compared to other pharmaceutical drugs, which have various harmful effects.

The event will also see participation of a lot of vendors, who are already experts in the medical use and production of marijuana for medical purposes. The event will be held over this weekend in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The organizers are hoping to attract almost 30,000 visitors that will also include visitors from the U. S. and Europe.

Even though, marijuana will not be available at the event, people who are registered medical users can bring the drug to smoke in a vaporization room.

The organizers stressed that they are not encouraging the illegal use of marijuana by promoting it.

On the other hand, a lot of people feel that marijuana can benefit a lot of people, who are currently dependent on various pain killers that have a lot of harmful side effects. It is also argued that more people need to be made aware about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Experts feel that that the Government also needs to increase the investment in medical marijuana.