Headcheese Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns

Headcheese Recalled Over Salmonella ConcernsIt has been confirmed that three people out of 10 have become ill in B. C. after consuming cheese, which was damaged due to salmonella poisoning. Authorities have confirmed that these people became ill after eating headcheese. They have already started the process of recalling the damaged headcheese from central Vancouver Island.

From these people, two had to be hospitalized, but they have now been released and are currently recovering from their illness. The news has been provided by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

The B. C. Centre for Disease Control had also released a warning earlier in the month that people may be affected due to an outbreak of rare strain of salmonella disease. This headcheese was in stores across the province.

This variety of headcheese was sold by Freybe Gourmet Foods and manufactured by Brandt Meat Packers in their facility at Ontario. The Company has also ordered a recall of its products and requested everyone to give back the damaged stocks.

Health authorities have also instructed people to be careful and contact Freybe Gourmet Foods at 1-800-879-3739 in case they need more information.

People can also return the headcheese to the stores from where they purchased it and can also get a refund.

Health experts point that salmonella is not a life threatening disease, but if a patient gets ill they must contact a doctor and get expert medical advice for their condition.