Bangalore may get Nano as an alternative to Auto

Tata-NanoIf a new government proposal is cleared the Tata Nano car will be introduced to Bangalore as an alternative to autorickshaws.

Karnataka Transport minister, R Ashoka said that the state government is considering buying 10,000 Tata Nano cars and then giving them on rent in the city. The profit from operations could be shared in the ratio of 40:60 between the government and the driver.

He further expressed that the government may invest the money from its own resources or can take up a loan.

"There is not much difference in the cost between an autorickshaw and a Nano. We continue to receive complaints about auto drivers,” Ashoka said. He further said that the number of autorickshaws in the city is not enough to cater to its population.

The world’s cheapest car can offer much more comfortable and safer trips in the city to the passengers.