U.S and Australia Hold the Last Place in Parental Leave Policies

U.S and Australia Hold the Last Place in Parental Leave PoliciesA report by the Centre for Economic and Policy Research has shown that in case of parental leave provisions, New Zealand is an average performer. However, it is in a better situation than Australia and the United States.

In the list Sweden, Norway and Germany are the top rankers. Germany and Sweden, both offer the paid leave for 47 weeks and Norway is just behind by three weeks, which is at 44 weeks.

U. S and Australia do not give any parental leave. Sweden also ranks first, when it comes to the gender equality at the time of a child birth.

Australian Government is, however, working to improve the parental leave scheme by providing an income-tested baby bonus per child. This bonus is given in 13 installments, fortnightly. In Australia, there is also a paid parental scheme, which is financed by the Government.

The Government will also start offering the minimum wage of A$570 to the working parents for 18 weeks, after a child is born. But there is no scheme for providing parental leaves.

The report has offered the list on the basis of parental leave policies adopted by 21 richest countries of the world. The study has considered the length of leave to be the deciding factor in the ranking. The amount of facilities given to the father is also one factor taken into the consideration by the researchers.

Japan, Switzerland and Australia are the last countries in the list.