NZ Meat Workers Condemned by PM

NZ Meat Workers Condemned by PMThe constantly missing number of staffers in the meat industry has given a severe blow to the industry, said Prime Minister John Key.

He pointed out the number of sick leaves, which the workers availed over the year that in turn has reduced the supply.

He unveiled a set of rules yesterday, which will see the employees undergoing 90-day probation after joining the industry.

As per the absenteeism law presently followed in the nation, the workers are supposed to produce a medical certificate, which allows them to take 3-4 days of leave easily.

Meanwhile, Meatworkers & Related Trades Union said that the workers in the industry unintentionally take leaves on days of increased demands.

They raised concerns over the Government's plans of amending the law, saying that it will affect the comfort of the workers.

PM explained that a worker can be fired without prior intimation, when he or she is under probation period.

North Island Meat Workers and Related Trades Union Secretary, Graham Cook said that the workers put in all their efforts to cater to the customers flooded at the stores during peak demands.

"They get sick because of many factors, mainly because of the temperatures of the places, the long distances they have to travel to work", he said.