Apple’s Mac sales rise 33 per cent

Apple’s Mac sales rise 33 per cent The sales of the Apple’s Mac desktops and notebooks increased 33 per cent in the company’s third quarter when compared to the same period last year.

The unit sales of Mac rose three times in the last five years. Mac continued to attract significant number of new customers even as the attention was focused on iPhone and iPod. The overall revenue from Mac in the quarter stood at $4.4 billion which is lower than iPhone's $5.3 billion but higher than $2.2 billion from iPad and $1.2 billion form iTunes.

Apple was able to sell 1 million desktops that include iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and Xserve contributing $1.3 billion n revenues and 2.47 million notebooks including MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro bringing in $3.1 billion.

Apple COO Tim Cook while speaking to analysts and reporters about the third quarter results expressed that the reason for Mac sales to have triples since 2005 is that the sales outside US specially in Asia pacific region has grew substantially. "If you look at the Mac as an example, in Asia-Pacific the Macs grew 73 per cent year-over-year. This is phenomenal, that we could grow by this much. And in China we grew 144 per cent. In Korea we grew 184 per cent. In Hong Kong we almost doubled," he said.

Apple sold 394 million Macs in the Asia pacific region except Japan in Q3 2009 when compared to 260 million were sold in the same period the previous year registering a growth of over 50 per cent.

The increase in average selling price also helped Apple increase its revenues from the region. The company earned $1.8bn in Mac sales from Asia-Pacific except Japan in Q3 2010 compared to $703m in Q3 2009.

Meanwhile, Apple predicted an upbeat revenues pushing off fears that the antenna flaw problem in the new iPhone 4 could hurt sales. Experts were worried that the problem could damage sales however the strong forecast from Apple could help investors shed those fears.

Mr. Cook said that dismissed suggestions that "Antennagate" controversy had impacted sales of the iPhone 4 and called its demand "absolutely stunning." Apple also claims that iPhone and the iPad are selling as fast as the company can produce them but did not say when it will be able to make enough to meet the demand.

Shares of the company closed up 2.6 percent at $251.89 on Nasdaq.