Preterm birth risk more in heavy women

Preterm birthCanadian researchers have stated that overweight and obese women are more prone to delivering a preterm baby. More weights leads to more problems.

Data from 84 studies conducted on over one million women was compiled and analysed by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Spontaneous preterm births were analysed by the researches observed, in which women suddenly go into labour early, and induced births, in which doctors bring on labour, or perform a C-section.

It was found that among heavy women risk of preterm birth before 37 weeks was not significantly different as compared with normal weight women. But among overweight or obese women, a 30 per cent risk was associated with induced preterm birth before 37 weeks.

The more a woman weighs, more the problems she will have in delivering a baby in time. In the case of very obese women, the risk is 70 per cent more than normal weight women.

Another problem related to being overweight and obese is the risk of Caesarean sections, which carries risk for the mother as well.

Authors of the study said, "Clinicians need to be aware that maternal overweight or obesity is not protective against low birth weight and consider surveillance when indicated."