HTC may include its Sense UI in Windows Phone 7

HTCHTC might include some elements of its Sense UI in the Windows Phone 7 as it is learned that the OS can be customized by the vendor.

According to HTC’sDrew Bamford, the Sense UI built on top of Microsoft’s OS but will remain within its boundaries. Microsoft doest want to allow any changes to its main interface and HTC is saying that it build a version of the UI at adds to the WP7 instead of replacing it.

HTC is one of partners of Microsoft for the new Windows Phone 7 based devices. HTC is aiming to launch its Sense up dates in the year.

Mr. Bamford also gave details about the Android versions of Sense UI. He said that the UI updates of Android 3.0 will not prevent any custom interface changes. He also indicated that Android 3.0 Gingerbread might include some Windows Phone 7 features in the handsets.

Google allows developers to customize any part of the platform. Customizations may include media integration as at present it focuses mainly on social networking.