Apple launches updates for all four iMac

Apple-iMacTech giant, Apple has updated all four of its default iMac configurations including their CPU, memory, and graphics chips.

The 27-inch model will now have a new option for solid-state hard drives however the company has not included HDMI input and Blu-ray drive support in the updates. Experts say that the iMac's 21.5-inch screen is smaller when compared to rival more affordable Windows-based 23-inch devices.

In spite of those concerns, the new iMac's core components make one of the fastest devices in the market. The entry level iMac is an ideal choice for those looking for an all-in-one device with good performance.

Apple has offered a number of updates to the iMac's internal components and the exterior remains the same as it’s earlier which was launched in 2009. The new system consists of same aluminum, glossy LED backlit display and glass design as the original version.

The new system has a SD card slot and supports higher-capacity SDXC cards with up to 2TB capacity. Apple has added a similar SD card slot to Mac Mini which was launched in June. The new iMac box will have the same contents. It retains Apple wireless keyboard and the wireless Magic Mouse.

The new Magic Trackpad offers an interactive way to use iMac. It enables touch- and gesture-based controls from the MacBook Pro, Apple's mobile devices and Apple's desktops for the first time.

Among other new internal components, new Intel CPU is the most noticeable update. The 3.06GHz Core i3 chip offers the same speeds as earlier version but with the new Intel's HyperThreading technology the iMac can run four processing threads. The Core i3 come with a number of architectural improvements.

The company has also run all of its iMacs to a new graphics card. The model costing $1,199 comes with 256MB ATI Radeon HD 4670. In terms of gaming the Valve Software's Steam service has made a lot of PC games available on iMac.

Apple also upgraded system memory in the new iMac up to 1,333MHz DDR3 RAM offer greater speeds.