Apple could bypass Microsoft in terms of revenue

Apple could bypass Microsoft in terms of revenueExperts claim that if Apple continues its ongoing trend of bulky revenue growths for the upcoming quarter, the company will soon leap ahead of Microsoft in terms of overall revenue.

Apple will soon report a massive $14.62 billion in terms of revenue for its upcoming quarter, but according to a varied response, some analysts believe the revenue to go as high as $15.74 billion. Microsoft, on the other hand is believed to post a $15.25 billion in revenue with an approximate increase of $15.73 billion. Microsoft considers that in case of personal computing world, Windows has 90 percent of computers worldwide and Office or Works and has approximately all computers works on a word processing suite.

Apple, on the flip side dominates the MP3 player market coming with iPod, the tablet market with the iPad and has a formidable share in smartphone market as well.

Apple revenue has risen above $13.50 billion, which is accredited to Mac computer and iPhone sales.