Attempts made to stop bedbugs’ infestation in NYC

Attempts made to stop bedbugs’ infestation in NYCOfficial said that New York is infested with bedbugs. And a public awareness campaign is a part of a plan to fight the spreading infestation; the effort will be headed by a top entomologist.

Experts have stated that in recent years throughout New York and many other U. S. cities, bedbugs have multiplied rapidly.

Following frequent complains of bites, last year the first ever bed bug summit was hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Nothing has been spared in NYC, starting from theaters, clothing stores, office buildings, housing projects and posh apartments, everything is infected.

Daniel Kass, the city's deputy commissioner for environmental health, said, "This is happening globally, and I don't think anybody has figured out exactly why. So what we're left with is managing them and keeping them from spreading. They're going to be with us for some time."

According to experts, the bugs can be located by using a bright flashlight, and using a hot hair dryer to flush them out of hiding places and cracks.

Hot water should be used to wash linens, curtains, bedding, linens, curtains, clothes and rugs. A vacuum cleaner should be used for floors, mattresses, furniture and floors and vacuum bags should be immediately disposed in sealed plastic bags. It is also recommended to hire a certified exterminator to apply pesticides.