Proposed malpractice law protested by docs

Proposed malpractice law protested by docsIt was a day of protests for doctors on Thursday as they protested against a draft law that would make victims of medical malpractice capable of winning compensation in Thailand.

According to proponents of the bill, in Thailand this is the first law that faces resistance from hospitals, police, doctors, and many get dismissed from court for lagging too long in the system.

Doctors feel that this bill would make them face lawsuits and the medical fraternity would become nervous while working.

Under the new law, hospitals would have to contribute to a new compensation fund that would be used to compensate victims of medical mishaps.

An open letter was written to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva by the Medical Association of Thailand, the doctors' trade body, that urged him to postpone sending the Medical Malpractice Victim Protection Bill to Parliament next week for its first scheduled reading.

Reports say that around the country, doctors wore black to support the protest.

Somkid Auapisithwong of Thai Federation of Doctors, Main Hospitals and General Hospitals, which looks after the interests of medical practitioners in state hospitals said, "It means our staff would have to be extra careful during work, which would decrease efficiency."