Labour accuses 'reckless NHS gamble'

Labour accuses 'reckless NHS gamble'The coalition Government has been accused by Labor for a "reckless gamble" with the National Health Service which according to Labor party will throw NHS into limbo.

Andy Burnham, Shadow health secretary plans to launch a national campaign dubbed "defend our NHS" which is designed to bring out the party's worries that the Government is set to bring an end to the NHS that is known to people of the UK.

Earlier this month, Andrew Lansley, The Health Secretary had launched a reform White Paper with promises to reject unjustified targets, free hospitals from bureaucratic control, grant patients more choice, and give GPs commissioning power, while phasing out primary care trusts and strategic health authorities

But it was expected from Mr Burnham to point out that the reorganization is an involvement of three billion pounds done at a time when the focus of the NHS should be on its financial challenges.

In spite of Government giving assurances that the frontline health services will not be affected Burnham is crying that the budget of essential care is already being cut but billions of pounds are being spent on structural changes.

IN an event which will be attended by healthcare workers, patients, and Labor members in Manchester, Mr Burnham has plans to condemn the planned reforms by terming it dangerous and unnecessary.

He would point out that the plan is going for an ideological experiment which threatens to tear up the fabric of UK's precious NHS. He would address people to take necessary action to protect the NHS.

According to him the primary objective of the NHS should be to focus only on coping up with the financial challenge. This reorganization is an unnecessary one, which will reduce motivation, distract attention and spend up to three billion of pounds that could be invested for health care of patients.