PayPal to restore E-withdrawals service into Indian banks

PayPalElectronic payment service provider PayPal has resumed its electronic withdrawal services into Indian banks.

The company had announced earlier that it will stop its electronic withdrawal service to Indian bank account from August 1, 2010. It advised its customers to opt for check withdrawal service and it also offered to refund the processing fee of $5.

PayPal sent emails to its customers in India informing that that can withdraw their money to their bank accounts in the country without any problems. “We’ve received good news. You can continue to enjoy electronic withdrawals just as you did before,” it said.

The company has decided to provide the $5 processing fee refund for all cheque withdrawals made from July 29, 2010 until further announcement.

PayPal’s Dickson Seow wrote on, “We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you over the past few days. While we have received your appreciation for the advance notice and the refund of the cheque processing fee, we have also heard loud and clear that you highly value the ease-of-use of our electronic withdrawal service.”

He affirmed that the customers are the first priority of the company and thanked Indian customers for their patience and their support. The company had to halt the service because it was in violation with some of the banking laws in the country and it appears now that the company has sorted out its issues with the India authorities.