Apple checking for vulnerabilities to control jailbreaking

Apple checking for vulnerabilities to control jailbreakingTech giant, Apple has said that it is checking for vulnerabilities in its software and devices that allow hackers to jailbreak or control the devices based on the iOS platform.

A French security firm, Vupen reported two critical security flaws in Apple's iOS and Apple responded by saying that it has taken the report into consideration and is now checking for the flaws.

The flaws are reportedly being used by a hacker named, "comex" who developed a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and made it available on JailbreakMe. com. The jailbreak does not require the device to be connected to the compute, Instead the jailbreak is carried out through the mobile Safari loaded on the device.

The hackers claim that the browser-based jailbreak works on all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 4 and iOS 4.01. The jailbreak is not suitable for devices running the latest iOS 4.1 beta.

Apple has repeatedly warned its customers against jailbreaking their device. The jailbreak allows users to install apps that are not allowed by the manufacturer. It may also allow users to run devices on other cellular networks in any country around the world.

The Cupertino based technology giant warned that customers who try to jailbreak their devices will loose the warranty for the product. The jailbraking of devices voids the device's warranty thus leaving customers with no free repairs if the device stops working or develop faults.

Meanwhile, Jailbreaking became legal on Monday after the U. S. Copyright Office announced new exemptions to the DMCA. Apple has repeatedly tried to include jailbreaking in the ambit of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).