Motorola strengthens its position with Android Devices

MotorolaHandset maker, Motorola has not been in the big league of manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung however it is increasingly building on its market share in India with its new Android based devices.

The affordable C114 and C115 handsets gave a company a good name in the Indian market and slowly it developed more technologically advanced phones like Motorola Razr which brought some success to the company.

Now after some slow years the company is back with a range of Google’s Android based devices. Motorola Android phones are very successful in markets like US and are now making in roads into India as well. Google’s Android has worked extremely well for Motorola.

The company offers Motorola Droid X which is pitched against the iPhone 4. However it did not beat the rival in sales but has recorded volumes better than all company estimates. The Droid X is expected to be launched in the Indian market soon.

The company has expanded its line up significantly in the Indian market first with Rambler, Bali handsets along with an eco friendly phone called Motorola Grasp and more recently with two new Android based smartphones called the Milestone XT720 and Backflip.

Meanwhile, some reports suggest the comoany might be getting ready to launch its Droid 2 handset in the days to come. The Droid 2 is expected to be based on Android 2.1 with MotoBlur and will be powered by OMAP 750 MHz one. It will have a 3.7-inch screen and 8GB of internal memory with an option to expand it though a MicroSd card. The device is also expected to feature a powerful 5 mega pixel camera with support for HD video recording.

The company is also working on its own tablet computer to compete with Apple iPad and other similar devices. The tablet is being developed and if it stays on schedule it could be released very soon.