Leaked photos of HTC Paradise and Fiesta appear on web

Leaked photos of HTC Paradise and Fiesta appear on webSome leaked photos of the yet to be launched HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta have appeared on the internet. It has become a custom that leaked photos of HTC phones start appearing over the internet months before their schedules launch.

The Paradise appears to be an upgraded model of HTC Aria and features slide-out QWERTY keypad. The appearance is very similar to Aria except for the addition of the slide out keypad.

There is not information about the features of Paradise however it appears that it will support HVGA. A few months ago Paradise was in news however it was too early. Now with the leaked features it more believable that the device is being prepared for the launch.

The other HTC Fiesta features a 3.2MP camera with only virtual keypad. Both the devices are as test units for AT&T. The fresh offering form the comoany has appeared unexpectedly. Both the handsets are based on Google’s Android platform.

More information will reveal the launch dates and pricing of the smartphones.