Mozilla to introduce silent updates

Mozilla to introduce silent updatesMozilla is planning to introduce silent security upgrading to its browser Firefox 4. The feature will now be included in the final version of Firefox 4 expected to be launched before the end of the year.

Mozilla has already released two beta previews of Firefox 4 in the last one month and the third beta is expected for the next week. The company has said that the upgrade will only be offered to Windows.

Most upgrades to the browser including security upgrades will happen behind the scene. The upgrade will not will be downloaded and installed automatically without asking the permission from the user or requiring a confirmation.

"We'll only be using the major update dialog box for changes like 4 to 4.5 or 5," said Alex Faaborg, a principal designer on Firefox. "Unfortunately users will still see the updating progress bar on load, but this is an implementation issue as opposed to a one; ideally the update could be applied in the background."

The company however will allow users to change the settings to the traditional mode where the browser will ask for permission before downloading and installing.

Google with its Chrome browser follows a different method by not including the users in the upgrades at all. Chrome relies on automated upgrades and the automated service upgrading the browser in the background cannot be stopped.

Google says that this keeps the users safe. "I think the majority of users would prefer an application that doesn't bother them with what they view as little details, where a little detail is a minor update," said Faaborg.

Adobe has also added silent upgrades to its Reader and Acrobat but it says that it will not introduce full automated upgrades without the permission of its users.