BT Fibre Broadband Ad forbidden by ASA

BT Fibre Broadband Ad forbidden by ASAThe UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has disallowed a commercial of BT fibre broadband services that ensures of an "instant" internet connection, the Guardian reports.

The reports further adds, that the promotional campaign of BT permits users in easy streaming of high-definition videos, TV serials, at the same time visit websites and download items on the go.

This move has been laid soon after ASA received four complaints in disregard of the advert, claiming that the broadband connection will be offered by BT which not only is a high speed connection, but comes with delays. The ASA claims this advt. to be misleading promotion.

The ASA stated: "We noted that BT had provided a list of the times they believed it would take to complete the activities stated in the ad, using their fibre optic broadband."

BT has extended support in regard of the advert and claimed that the term gives a wrong notion to offer extremely short duration to access internet services.

The firm adds that in normal circumstances broadband takes only eight seconds to upload a 9MB video, and download a 6MB song in three seconds which might not be the case when the service is launched.