UK Police Arrests Six in Phishing Scam

UK Police Arrests Six in Phishing ScamSix suspects in UK and Ireland have been taken in custody in lieu of spreading a banking scam that has affected more than 20,000 bank and credit card account holders and grossed around £3 million.

It is suspected to be a high profile phishing scam that enabled the rogues to get hold of victims' banking details - including credit card numbers, personal information and logins - before directing the money from their accounts.

The group has forwarded numerous emails to threaten victims the victims that their accounts will soon be closed, and thus need to immediately change the account details that were nothing but specially designed fake "bank" websites to trap the victims.

As of now the police have gathered only £360,000 but the Metropolitan police believe that the amount is nearly 9 times higher than the quoted amount.

The six suspects have been taken in custody under the Computer Misuse Act on suspicion of conspiracy to commit online banking fraud and offences.

It is stated that the separation is in regard of Operation Dynamophone, which is a motion that has been motioned by the Police Central e-Crime Unit aiming to identify and eliminate phishing networks.