Apple launches Streaming Music service secretly

Apple launches Streaming Music service secretlyApple reportedly has stealthily has revamped its iDisk online storage service that enables users to stream audio files which are stored online and on internet enabled gadgets.

The tech news site Cnet reports, Apple has revamped its iDisk service and MobileMe iDisk App, enabling users in easy streaming of music that is stacked in the cloud based Internet-connected devices also the iPad.

It supposedly is a service which comes as a component of MobileMe family of apps, and helps users stack files on a cloud-based system, a feature similar to Google Docs and Microsoft's SkyDrive.

The service of audio steaming on iDisk was proclaimed by MusicAlly, which in turn posted a blog developed by MP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson, who stated that the new iDisk notes can easily stream audio files on an Apple device via the cloud.

Robertson has also laid a warning that all the major record labels won't be quite elated with this streaming feature especially with the particular audio licensing agreements.