Verizon, Google soon to End of Net Neutrality Dz

Verizon, Google soon to End of Net Neutrality DzVerizon Wireless and Google have publicly refused to talk about that paid to offer content, a step that will mark the end of net neutrality in the US.

The New York Times reports that it is working on a deal that will help Verizon to speeden up the rate of online content for Internet users and at the same time offer it to the content's creators, only if people are ready to pay.

Verizon Wireless rebuffs and claims that NYT's report was true and it's Executive Director of Media Relations, David Fish stated by the firms' public policy blog that released the topic "fundamentally misunderstands our purpose."

The Guardian report stated it to be wrong, while the Google was aligned to the fact that Google will always be available in open internet.

Schmidt at the Techonomy Conference said, "We have been talking to Verizon for a long time about trying to get an agreement on the definition of what net neutrality is. We're trying to find solutions that bridge between the hardcore net neutrality view and the telecom view."

Google is considered as one of the most active supporter of net neutrality and went ahead to push the nationwide policy.