Vitamin B can’t prevent stroke victims from a repeat attack

Vitamin-BVitamin B can’t prevent stroke victims from a repeat attack

A study released last week suggests that Vitamin B is not effective in helping stroke victims from having a repeat attack.

The researchers said that the findings based on the first-ever clinical trials suggest that vitamin B supplements should not be prescribed any more to patients who have had severe vascular disorders.

It has also been seen in previous researches that there is a link between amino acid in the blood and a higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Other studies have shown at the same time that a daily dose of vitamin B can effectively bring down abnormal levels of amino acid. However, it was not known whether the supplements would also help reduce the risk of a repeat stroke or heart attack.

To reach to a conclusion a team of doctors and scientists from 20 countries carried out clinical trial involving more than 8,000 patients who had suffered a serious heart or vascular problem.

Half of these patients were given Vitamin B and the other half just placebos. After 3.4 years there was no significant difference seen in the outcome.