Dubai Airport passenger traffic increases 10% due to cheap tickets

Last month, a rise by 10.3% was seen in passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport, since the travelers tried to make the most of cheap tickets offered at Emirates Airline and the more than 120 other carriers serving the airport.

Nearly 3.36 million passengers were dealt with by the airport last month, up from 3.04 million in June last year.

It should be noted that the passenger traffic increase has appeared since the local airlines have cut fares by an average of 20 per cent because of the global economic downturn.

Tim Clark, the president of Emirates - the largest airline operating at Dubai Airport - said recently that during May and June, Emirates carried 13 per cent more passengers, compared with a year ago.

Mr. Clark said last month: "There's no shortage of economy movement - in fact there is a lot more than there was this time last year. The problem is the money we're getting."

Dubai Airport authorities said that during the first quarter, passenger traffic grew 2.1 per cent, 6.4 per cent in April, and 7.1 per cent in May.

Going by an Airport statement, "Cargo shipments were down for the month by 2.3 per cent to 152,278 tons from a year earlier, compared with a global decline of more than 20 per cent according to the International Air Transport Association."