Amazon Kindle free games a menace?

Amazon-KindleAmazon released two free games for its Kindle ebook and with that grows disadvantages which have been compared with Apple iOS environment.

Mike James, throws light on the events and states that the two games, Shuffled Row and Every Word, don't go with the original version of Kindle and doesn't come in for users based outside US.

Amazon might have considered an option to allow the downloading of the games which might have its own ramifications. But, the obvious question arises why Amazon faulted in providing a proper link for download.

This form of electronic book reader is considered to be a safer option, however Amazon is taking cautious steps in expanding its platform and thus come up as effective measure with the iPad.

The Kindle Development Kit was released in the start of the year and comes in as developer offering 70 per cent of the user revenue soon after paying a fee of $0.15 per MB which indicates that Kindle developers and Amazon that is priced as an application to include the price of the downloads.