BBC employees misplace gadgets worth £240,000

BBCBBC employees have currently reported a loss of £241,019 worth of laptops and mobiles within a span of last two years.

It was through a Freedom of Information request made by the security firm, Absolute Software the proclamation was made.

Facts suggest that the list of gadgets misplaced consisted of 65 mobile phones, 17 BlackBerry smartphones and 146 laptops were reported of being stolen.

Information that was released by the firm's data that came apart from BBC subsidiary parts and at the same time company states that an estimate value of stolen or lost laptops amounted to £219,000 while mobile phones and BlackBerry devices were valued at £12,913 and £9,106 respectively.

Absolute Software adds that the BBC should be extra cautious with the staff handling the equipments and lay down some important rules in order to prevent these kind of losses.

BBC states that out of the stolen or lost items, approximately 19 items worth £23,450 were found out cutting down the losses to £217,569.