Google introduces ‘Google stories’

GoogleInternet giant Google, has introduced “Google Stories” for people to share their stories on how search technology of the company impacted their lives.

Google stories appear to be inspired from a similar service form popular social networking site, Facebook which launched ‘Facebook stories’ last month as part of its marketing campaign to allow people to tell their stories on the impact of Facebook on their lives.

Googel said in its website that it has introduced, “Your Google stories: the right answer in the nick of time.”

“This is the first in a series of stories from people who have shared how Google has helped them in their lives. Check back the rest of this week for more,” the company said. The stories include experiences on how people found right information to escape fire accidents.  

This is not the first time Google appears to have copied a concept from a rival. It earlier tries to put up images on search page, some thing Microsoft Bing included a year ago.