After spraying also EEE mosquitoes spotted

MosquitoeThe state Department of Public Health reported on Wednesday that eastern equine encephalitis has infected a third horse and more population pools have tested positive for the deadly virus.

Following horses in Middleboro and Warren, Plympton horse was the third to experience the brain-swelling sickness.

Catherine M. Brown, state public health veterinarian, stated, “The first two were euthanized, but the latest horse with EEE has actually survived so far and has improved somewhat."

After the mosquitoes were collected on Monday, the state reported three more pools testing positive for EEE in Plympton and Halifax on Wednesday.

This is one day prior to the state that in an attempt to reduce mosquito populations and keep the virus at bay finished aerial spraying of much of Southeastern Massachusetts with pesticide.

Brown added, "No mosquito control activity can completely eliminate risk; we can only seek to reduce it. The finding of EEE-infected mosquitoes in an area after the spray was expected. We are hoping that it will remind people that risk still exists and that appropriate precautions should be taken."

Reports have stated that about 27 horses since 2001 have been reported infected with EEE.