UK indigenous game developers concentrate upon self-publishing

Richard WilsonUK game developers are aiming to launch games that are meant for Apple's iPhone rather than making it for gaming consoles.

The Financial Times reports that a poll done by the trade body Tiga has stated that close to two-thirds of UK game developers opt for self-publishing their own titles rather than going with an established format of game publisher.

This is all focused towards the emerging role of internet in order to offer a cheaper way to bring out the products in market and aid in selling of products.

It was further added by Tiga that more than half of the game developers prefer releasing their titles to be coming in for Apple's iPhone platform, just because of Apple's increasing stance in the market.

Tiga's CEO, Richard Wilson, stated: "Self-publishing offers developers the chance to produce a more diverse range of products at differing price points. It also offers the opportunity for developers to establish and maintain a direct connection with consumers."

The study stated that close to more than one-third of the UK game developers are making use of PC as their choicest selection for game stage.