Rusnano might take Plastic Logic

Rusnano might take Plastic LogicRusnano, the state-owned Russian Corporation Nanotechnologies a non-profit organization will soon take British display screen manufacturer Plastic Logic.

Plastic Logic one of the largest makers of display screens in the world, the Financial Times reported.

The investment worth up to $200 million from Intel, BASF and other large firms since its start in 2000, the start-up firm makes it use in the upcoming e-book reader market.

Alexander Losyukov, director of international affairs at Rusnano during an interview on Russia's radio station Ekho Moskvy stated: "This information is new to us. Our managing director is in London right now and he is working on the project. We has no new announcements to make, and does not comment on rumors or speculation."

Rusnano has gotten $10 billion in state funding to make sure of the fact that $30 billion worth of annual sales by 2015 and was stated of having a positive approach in claiming the firm.