Global arrival of Dubai's camel-milk chocolate

Wednesday saw the general manager of Dubai based Al Nassma, the world's first camel milk chocolate brand, announce that the company is mulling to go global.

According to Martin Van Almsick that a contract has been finalized by Al Nassma with a Jeddah-based distributor; and the first shipment of camel milk chocolates would soon be delivered by the company to Saudi Arabia, in the next few days to launch the product there.

The United Arab Emirates chocolate company explained that the plan has been made to venture into Saudi Arabia first, followed by Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United States.

Jack Epstein, owner of Chocolate Covered said: "The world of chocolate is open to many exotic possibilities."

A San Francisco-based gourmet market, Chocolate Covered, told that it is proceeding with its talks with Al Nassma to sell its exceptional product.

Owner of Chocolate Covered, Jack Epstein said that Al Arabiya, the market for exotic chocolates, is strong in the United States.

Epstein said: "The world of chocolate is open to many exotic possibilities. Camel milk chocolate would definitely spark an interest in gourmet circles."

Epstein further said that both goat's milk and sheep's milk chocolates have been sold by his company, and that both have been met with huge success.