Pet health care plans on a rise among the owners

Pet-CarePet health care plans on a rise among the owners

A new kind of health care has now come into existence following the humanization of pets and the increased costs of veterinary care – pet health care.

Last years’ economic recession has resulted in cost-conscious consumers forced to keep a watchful eye on their budget to make ends meet. Many of them have cut down on purchases for themselves but pampering and caring for their beloved pets continues to be a top priority.

A result of this is a rise in the pet health insurance and veterinary discount plans. The number of cats, dogs and exotic animals insured in the country went up by 56 percent from the year 2003 to 2007. This data was revealed in a study done by the research group Packaged facts.

According to data provided by the American Pet Products Association, dogs led the pack in 2008 with 2 million insurances, followed by cats with about 900,000 of them being insured.

These figures are expected to rise due to the current widespread perception of dogs, cats and other pets as family members. The present statistics account for only 3 percent of all dogs and 1 percent of all cats.