Google set to acquire

GoogleAccording to some reports, Google is all set to acquire a visual search engine that enables users to tag and search for pictures based on similarity, called for around $100 million.

Google aims to acquire the visual search technology from the deal. It had earlier tried to acquire the predecessor of called that developed a technology focused on facial recognition. was established in August 2004 by Munjal Shah together with Burak Gokturk. It has become a successful company and was able to raise $50 million in venture capital. It generates around $50 million per year through search services.

Google currently has a technology that finds similarities in pictures but it aims to acquire’s advanced technologies and its patents in order to integrate them with its own platform. Google has also launched visual search application for mobile devices. Google launched ‘Google Goggles’ for Android phones which is a visual search engine.

The search giant will gain legally in terms of patents and also economically as is a revenue generating unit along with the technological know how. The technologies of could significantly enhance Google offering in the field.

Google also acquired a U.K. based startup called Plink, which provides mobile visual search applications, for an unannounced amount.