Residence Visa Applicants to be fingerprinted by UAE

From the next month, finger prints of the applicants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - applying for the residence visa - shall be taken for verification against any possible criminal records.

According to the Acting Director General of Federal Naturalisation and Residency Department, Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Minhali, fingerprints would be taken under tighter biometric system to ensure identifications without any fraud.

He said: "Fresh applicants for residence visas will have their fingerprints taken before the medical check-up."

It would also be ensured that no visa is granted to persons having criminal records; and those found with such records shall be handed over to the police.

Minhali added that the residents would also be fingerprinted at the time of the renewal of their visas.

Ultimately, the finger prints shall be taken of every resident, as well as the workers sponsored by their employers, investors, domestic workers and parents of residents.