Google works for developing nations

Google works for developing nationsGoogle is in the process of developing work on projects that includes offering technology solutions to all developing nations.

The sole aim of the search giant states of hiring US State Department employee Jared Cohen to come up with the latest Google Ideas project, Fortune reported.

Google Ideas is basically a think-tank for technology based solutions that helps resolve worldly issues and is believed to be staged in New York.

Fortune has also said that Cohen's current boss, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, is well aware of the conditions and will soon be working for Google majorly. Clinton adhered to position of Cohen at the State Department, soon after she took charge from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice under the Bush administration.

Cohen is believed to be a highly influential and at the same time has also travelled wide across Mid-East and met some leaders such as Iraq president Jalal Talabani and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

He is also known for his work on a book termed as "Children of Jihad", which pin points the usage of technology to heal social upheaval in the Middle East.