Priest released a ‘Cease-And-Desist’ Order from BestBuy

Priest released a ‘Cease-And-Desist’ Order from BestBuyConsumer retailer giant BestBuy has released a cease-and-desist order to a US priest due to a logo that was similar to the logo posted on his Volkswagon Beetle which as per the company is very similar to its Geek Squad Technical support service.

Two years prior to this news, Father Luke Strand had claimed this logo to be similar to the notion of 'God Squad', which was deliberately released to attract more of the followers towards the Christian faith.

It is said that the God Squad logo that is put on the black-and-white Beetle, gains strong resemblance with the Geek Squad logo.

Best Buy has released a court order against Strand, stating whether or not to change the logo-or might as well stop suing it totally.

Father Luke Strand refused to post any sorts of comments, but his close friend and colleague Father Dan Janasik reported to the Journal Sentinel that "There was never any kind of formal God Squad group or organization. Father Luke and some friends simply decided to design a car that would act as a cool and fun way to bring our faith into the public. It's just a conversation starter."