USD 13,000 to be fined by Dubai municipality for villa sharing

Heavy fines could be faced by landlords and tenants in Dubai if they break the 'one family, one villa' law, which is becoming effective from next month onwards, said a senior municipal official.

Under this new law, only one family should share one villa.

Those who would violate this law, could be fined up to USD 13,000, Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of the Dubai Municipality, said; while adding that besides this, even legal action can be taken.

The municipality released the villa campaign last year, which compelled many families to move out of shared homes. Notices were issue to some up-market villas as well as low-budgetaccommodations.

Lootah added: "We made this announcement two years ago, and it was made very clear that sharing villas would not be allowed. Now we have given enough time, and there will be no more exceptions."

He clarified that fine could be issued to tenants, owners, nationals and expatriates, if they break the law.

Lootah revealed that over 5,000 households in Dubai have been noticed to be breaking the law, and each violation will be determined on an individual basis. In some cases, water and electricity supply will be cut off to speed the eviction of residents.