Apple hires NFC expert for Mobile Commerce

Apple has recruited new personnel for mobile commerce expert in order to offer help serve Near Field Communication (NFC) to iOS powered devices.

The expert hired for the position is Benjamin Vigier who currently is the product manager of mobile commerce, and also stating the fact those NFC capabilities on its software ecosystem.

NFC technology aids iPhone users to make payments and e-ticketing. Apple as of now has not any proclamation in regard to NFC technology on its iOS devices, but the report leaked from Apple's patent application stated that the company is aiming to offer NFC service in iPhones.

The technology will aid in buy out of tickets to all sorts of concerts and sporting events at the same time making the device look like a ticket.

Other Apple patents stated that in the recent past months hover around things such as airline ticketing and boarding pass services for iPhone owners.

The report from Near Field Communications World, Vigier states that he has worked on PayPal Mobile, Sprint MyMoneyManager and also on iPhone-based Starbucks Card.