Vodafone comes up with mobile wireless hotspot

Vodafone comes up with mobile wireless hotspotVodafone has offered a portable wireless hotspot option that aids users to connect wirelessly with up to 5 mobile devices to the internet.

Electricpig reports that the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi comes with feature to connect 5 mobile devices with the aid of 3G or HSDPA networks whichever is available.

In normal circumstance the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot might offer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

The reports posted on Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi product page, claims if it is associated with 5 devices, the hotspot can run non-stop for 4 hours on a single battery charge.

The device sports a small screen which shows the battery life and signal strength and has a memory card storage slot.

Vodafone's official through a statement stated: "Because it can run over battery or be plugged in, it gives more flexibility than a mobile dongle and, although we don't see this as replacing mobile dongles, the flexibility will make it an attractive offering for many customers."