Billabong has a drop off its sales

BillabongThe sales of the Billabong have fallen down towards in this session of 2010 along with a reduced instant position in Australia. Billabong filed revenue of 146 million dollar till this June; grow up to 8 percent in regular currency conditions on the last year's outcome.

But on the other hand, despite of the revenue the shares of the company have fallen up to 10 percent in the share market and also in the major markets including US, Europe and Australia. This kind of severe drop down must be a worry for the Company.

As per the report, the sales of the company in all above regions have fallen to 11.2 percent with an amount of 1.5 billion dollar.

But except Europe the other regions have a down fall in the sales. As per the report, there is more than 5 percent up in the sales in Europe while in US and Australia the sales have been gone down to 1.2 and 1.9 percent respectively.

The CEO of the company stated the company had been produced a good consequences in the second session.